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Kangaroo Island Pure Grain was established in 2009 with a mission to provide premium returns to Kangaroo Island grain growers, encourage existing farmers to increase their grain production and encourage others to enter the industry. The company receives, stores and classifies the majority of KI grain grown and sold into the domestic and key export markets, including South East Asia and Japan.

The team at Kangaroo Island Pure Grain have many years experience in growing and exporting grain products. We have established a ‘paddock to plate’ system that enables us to monitor grain production from seeding to harvest and storage and quality testing. And we guarantee our grain contains no genetically modified material and has been grown with minimum chemical inputs.

We represent a majority of grain growers on the Island, farming approximately 15,000 hectares of land.

Kangaroo Island has 3 separate locations with the Head Office being located in the Adelaide Hills at Macclesfield.

Kangaroo Island Pure Grain operates a state of the art storage facility on the Island  at Arranmore Road Cygnet River, with a capacity of over 56,000m/t of grain. Segregated by variety, by protein and by moisture level KIPG grain is monitored on a daily basis to protect quality and condition.

Kangaroo Island also operates a machine dressing, packing & containerizing facility at Osborne. This enables KIPG to maintain full quality control of product from the paddock through to to the final product being packed and sealed into containers  - there is no chance of co-mingling or contamination from other grain sources.

Delivery quality guaranteed

When our grain leaves Kangaroo Island, it is transported in our contracted trucks direct to our domestic buyers or to our export packing plant in Adelaide. From there it is despatched in human food consumption containers, approved by The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service. Independent testing and certification is available on request.

We provide reports to our buyers on the current status of storage, shipping and industry news.  Additional updates are also available on our website.

Kangaroo Island - naturally protected, naturally pure

Kangaroo Island (known to the locals simply as ‘KI’) is a uniquely protected grain growing environment, 22km from the Australian mainland. Its ocean boundary keeps the harvest safe from pests and disease, while the maritime climate and unpolluted soils nurture the growing grain as nature intended.

Kangaroo Island is also renowned for its pristine natural environment. Visitors to the Island can see the Australian coastal landscape just as Captain Matthew Flinders did when he first visited and mapped the island in 1802. There are many areas on the island protected by law to ensure the natural biodiversity and fragile ecosystems remain safe and unharmed.

Kangaroo Island is a large island being approximately 200kms long (east-west) and up to 60kms wide (north-south).

There are only 4,500 people living on Kangaroo Island which is some seven times larger than Singapore in area. Most of the local population are farmers with a strong commitment to sustainable management of the natural resources.

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