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Kangaroo Island Pure Grain (KIPG) was established in 2009 with a mission to provide premium returns to Kangaroo Island (KI) grain growers, encouraging existing growers to increase their production and encourage others to enter the industry by producing pure, genetically modified FREE and traceable grain.


KIPG represents and is contracted with a majority of the grain growers on Kangaroo Island and receives, classifies, stores, processes, markets and distributes premium quality grains, oilseeds and pulses to premium domestic and export markets.


KIPG has formed a strong reputation, proving that grain growing on the pristine soils of Kangaroo Island, producing grain of the highest quality, is a profitable industry supporting the KI community despite the 16km ‘watergap’ between mainland South Australia and Kangaroo Island, which previous grain operations viewed as a disadvantage and in turn produced disappointing results for KI grain growers.


A unique aspect of KIPG is that all our grain is fully traceable. We provide a full service from the management of growing our grain, through to classification, storage, processing and packaging for export. This ensures our clients receive the desired quality.


To support its push into the domestic and export markets KIPG has invested heavily in infrastructure.

  • In 2009 KIPG purchased and has significantly upgraded our grain storage facility on Kangaroo Island. In doing so, we have incorporated the benefits of state of the art grain storage and management systems, a critical component in providing full traceability all the way back to the paddock, which is integral to our premium grain markets internationally.

In 2015 KIPG expanded dramatically by building a modern and efficient export cleaning and packing facility in Osborne, approximately 1km from the export shipping terminal. This facility includes top of the range screen cleaner, sizing and gravity separator equipment housed in a 40 x 25m building, as well as 930mt outdoor steel silo storage

Kangaroo Island - naturally protected, naturally pure

Kangaroo Island (known to the locals simply as KI) is a uniquely protected grain growing environment, 14km from the Australian mainland. Its ocean boundary keeps the harvest safe from pests and disease, while the maritime climate and unpolluted soils nurture the growing grain as nature intended.


Kangaroo is also renowned for its pristine natural environment. Visitors to the Island can see the Australian coastal landscape just as Captain Matthew Flinders did when he first visited and mapped the island in 1802. There are many areas on the island protected by law to ensure the natural biodiversity and fragile ecosystems remain safe and unharmed.


Kangaroo Island is a large island being approximately 200kms long (east –west) and up to 60kms (north-south).


There are only 4500 people living on Kangaroo island which is some seven times larger than Singapore in area. Most of the local population are farmers with a strong commitment to sustainable management of the natural resources.


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