Kangaroo Island Pure Grain

KI Receival & Storage Facility

The Kangaroo Island site is the main receival and storage facility for Kangaroo Island Pure Grain. The site operates on a fulltime basis 8.30 – 16.30, 5 days a week all year and extends to 7 days a week during the harvest period. There are currently 3 fulltime staff members with the workforce increasing over harvest with the addition of 4 casual workers. The KI site receives around 23000MT of grain per year and includes commodities such as Broad Beans, Barley, Canola, Bread Wheat and Biscuit Wheat. All Canola and Beans are pre-cleaned on site before being shipped to the mainland for packaging at our Osborne Plant.


This receival and storage site is integral in allowing KIPG to accumulate grain from the Kangaroo Island growers and distribute to both domestic and export markets throughout the year.


The Site also warehouses grain year round for local farmers. The KI Site is the jewel in KIPG’s crown and is set amongst the pristine farming land of Kangaroo Island.

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