Kangaroo Island Pure Grain

Key Personnel


Shane Mills – Chief Executive Officer

Shane joined KIPG in May 2017 to fill the gap of the impending semi-retirement of the Managing Director, Neil Pontifex.  Shane brings with him 35 years in the Agricultural industry holding a Diploma of Applied Science in Agriculture and a Diploma of Viticulture. He has held positions in Oilseed Agronomy and Accumulation – Cargill Oilseeds, Vineyard Management – Hardy Wine Company, Canola Seed Production - Bayer Crop Science and Grain Export – ConAgra Australia and South East Seeds. This has equipped Shane with a broad range of experience in agriculture, viticulture, plant breeding, grain processing and domestic & export marketing.


Emma Edwards – General Manager

Emma has been a part of the KIPG Team since its commencement in 2009, starting in Administration for what was meant to be a 3 month period, she soon found herself immersed in the “Kangaroo Island –clean, green culture” and has worked in many key areas of the Company over the years.

It is this intimate knowledge of the company which has seen her work up to General Manager.


Andrew Freer – Operations Manager, Osborne Processing Plant

Andrew has been a part of The KIPG team for the past 2 years. Starting as the Yard Supervisor and stepping up to Operations Manager. Andrew has a multiple years experience in the Farming industry, Malting industry and the Mining industry.

Andrew has a strong focus on safety, quality and efficiency and enjoys all challenges thrown his way.


Lexie Kinlough – Marketing Executive

Lexie joined the KIPG Team in 2011 as an Office Trainee, progressing to the position of Marketing Executive for the past 3 years.  Lexie is skilled and knowledgeable in trading grains and pulses for export purposes and is the primary contact for our overseas clients.


Dennis Jamieson – KI Site Manager, Kangaroo Island

Dennis returned home to Kangaroo Island after a successful career in the Australian Defence Force. He joined KIPG by chance as a general hand and having prior skill at commanding troops found himself progressed through to Site Foreman in fairly short order. After 3 years working under the Site Supervisor and learning the business KIPG expanded and Dennis took the opportunity to take over as the Site Supervisor and in turn Site Manager of the Kangaroo Island Site. Dennis has successfully run the Kangaroo Island side of the operation since 2014 and prides himself on his good relationship with all the local farmers and transport companies.


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