Kangaroo Island Pure Grain

Our quality assurance

Product quality is pivotal to the Kangaroo Island Pure Grain Brand. As such KIPG is committed to understanding our customer needs and expectations and providing products that consistently meet those needs and expectations whilst complying with statutory and regulatory requirements.


Recognising that our customers expect our products to be supplied to acceptable levels of quality, at a competitive price is important to us.


To achieve this KIPG have set up a Quality Management System that will ensure that:

  • we understand our client’s needs,
  • we consult with clients to develop their needs,
  • high standards of product quality are maintained,
  • we train employees to be effective in their processes,
  • we establish and maintain standards,
  • we establish and maintain a continual improvement work environment,
  • we provide a framework for the regular review of objectives,
  • requirements are communicated to and understood at all levels in the organisation, and
  • our operations are regularly reviewed for continuing suitability and effectiveness.



The Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) maintains rigorous standards for compliance for export of Australian products. AQIS is operated by the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and is dedicated to protecting Australia’s biosecurity. Kangaroo Island Pure Grain is registered as an exporter as well as holding export facility registration at its Osborne operation with AQIS and is fully compliant with all AQIS standards and procedures.



KIPG is happy to arrange and facilitate independent testing and certification from accredited testing agencies on request – we recommend and use Intertek.



Grain Trade Australia (GTA) was established in 1991 to set standards for the grain trade industry, and to establish trade rules and grain contracts for the Australian grain industry. GTA is dedicated to the efficient facilitation of commercial activities throughout the grain supply chain. Kangaroo Island Pure Grain is a member of Grain Trade Australia and a signatory to GTA’s commodity standards and trade rules.



KIPG has recently joined the National Residue Survey (NRS) program.  This program, run by the Federal Department of Agriculture in Canberra, involves the collection of samples for all grain types delivered to KIPG for analysis for pesticide residues.  KIPG will then receive an annual report from NRS that gives the results for all pesticides tested for, should any sample exceed the MRL (Maximum Residue Level) then KIPG will receive immediate notification for traceability.



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